Open Talk Lessons

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Due to the popularity of our Open Talk Festivals, we now have Open Talk Lessons. These lessons are designed to allow free conversation. There are two levels of Open Talk Lessons. 

  1. Entry/Basic
  2.  Advanced/Super

These lessons are not restricted, so anyone can join either level.

Navigating Between the Topics

You can click on any of the arrows to go into a sub menu related to that topic:

You can click the "home" button to return to the topic menu.

Most topics have multiple pages click on "Prev" or "Next" to navigate

If you wish to talk about other topics or students ask you questions, please feel free to talk on any topic within reason (best to avoid too much on religion or politics). Some teachers ask their own set of questions, others use the slides as a jumping off point. 

Use the slides at your discretion and as creatively as you can.

As always, ensure students have equal speaking time and try to have as much student speaking time as possible

You can also use these slides if a 1on1 student asks to do free/open talk during their class.

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