Teacher's Dashboard (Schedule)

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The Teacher's Dashboard is the most important page for a teacher on the website: it's where you view your schedule, check booked students, write comments and confirm or deny 1on1 requests. To access the dashboard, click on "Staff Dashboard" in the top menu.

Class Schedule

The Tab on the left is the "Class schedule". Click on the lesson with your name on it.

  • Green Classes are Daily Group Classes (1-6 students)
  • Blue Classes are Business Group Classes (1-6 students)
  • Orange Classes are 1on1 Classes (1 student)
  • Purple Classes Are ASP (After School Program) classes (1-4 students)

When you click on a class, a monopoly card will appear. Click 'Enter class'.  

The "Enter" button appears at 30 minutes before the lesson start time. Before that, the button says 'reserve'. It's how students are able to reserve classes. Don't worry, a student can't enter more than 10 minutes before the start time. If it's an Open Class (Non-reservable), there is no reserve option.

Scroll down on the card and you can see the list of students who have reserved the class under "Registered Users"

  • Available Seats: the number of students who can enter this class: there are three main class types: Group (Max: 6); 1on1 (Max: 1); ASP (Max: 4). This number goes down as students join your class.
  • Unused Reserved Seats: The number of students who booked your class and haven't showed up yet
  • Joined Users: The number of students who have attempted to join your classroom (some might have trouble entering ZOOM). This is useful when talking to ZE-Oncall about techical problems.
  • 5 minutes after the class has started (:05), slots that haven't been claimed by reserved students can be used by anyone.


Students can reserve your lesson up to 5 minutes the start time. They can cancel up to 15 minutes before.


Viewing your bookings:

Students can book up to 2 weeks in advance. Click the arrow in the top right to see the schedule for the week:

Click on any class to see whether it's been booked:

Tip: This is especially important if you're doing 1on1 Voluntary Classes. So, you can check whether your class has a student or not.

Entering a class

When you click "enter", it will open a zoom link to your "personal zoom room" for the account you have connected with ZEnglish.

A page like this will load, then launch Zoom. For more details on Zoom, Your personal meeting room and teacher using Zoom. Please head to our Zoom Section

For more detail on other sections of the dashboard, continue working your way through this guide. 

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