Check Evening Classes

1. At the start of the shift, open

2. At 19:50, 20:50, 21:50, 22:50 and 23:50 compare the classes with the classes on the live schedule (also known as the "teacher's dashboard")

3. Make sure all the teacher's are in their classes.

4. If any teacher is missing, message them immediately on Slack and send them an email (email address can be found on shiftplanning's staff page)

5. If the teacher doesn't arrive by :55, click on the Meeting ID on the live meeting's page.

6. Then click "Join as Live assistant"

7. Wait in the class until the teacher shows and let students in as normal. When the teacher arrives, make sure the teacher is the host, wait in the class for 1 minute with camera off and mic muted to ensure everything's okay. Then log out.

8. If the teacher doesn't show up, teach the class as normal and message other Oncall managers to let them know you are covering.