Process 1on1 Requests (1st & 2nd Pass)

1. Go to - and Click the "Run Export" button

2. This page will display how many appointments you will be exporting (each appointment will only ever be exported once and then the system will ignore it after that). Click either "Confirm & Run Export" buttons.


3. The system will then export the appointments, download the CSV version of the file on the next page.

4. Open the CSV file, check that the date format is MM/DD/YYYY, then copy all the data.


5. Open the 1on1 Appointment converter and copy the converter. (Click 'File' and 'Make a copy') because we never edit the master 1on1 Appointment spreadsheet) 6. Paste it into the new 1on1 Appointment converter sheet you have created. You will see the "Teacher Name" column auto populate.


7. Move to the "Wisdm CSV Export" tab and click File/Download/Comma separated values (.csv, current sheet).

8. Move to the "SP CSV Export" tab and click File/Download/Comma separated values (.csv, current sheet).

9. Go to -

Click the "Browse" button and select the Wisdm CSV Export file. Then click the "Upload" button, this will create the class on the live site.


10. Go to -

In the top right click the down arrow and click the "Import Schedule" option.


11. Click "Choose File" and select the "SP CSV Export" file, then click "Import File". You should then see a page that lists out all the exported class details. Double check that this is correct and click "Save Details".


12. Now return to the Google Sheet, and go to the "Class Student Checklist". Here you will see a list of all the classes, the teacher, date, start time and student ID number. We are going to use this information to reserve the classes for the students.


13. Go to -

On this page use the "Switch User" tool in the top right of the page to search for the student ID, click the user that you want to switch to and the page will reload with you as that user. It should look like the following.


14. Find the class you created and click it, then click the "Reserve" button to reserve that class for the student.


15. Make sure to click the "Log Out" link at the top of the page so that you are not logged in as the student after booking.

16. Repeat steps 12-14 for each class that needs booking. 

17. If the class is more than 2 weeks into the future, go to and in the top table find the class by filtering by date

18. Get the 6-digit class ID, the 3-digit Instructor number 

19. Give the ID, instructor number and student number to Ben or Tom and ask them to book it for you.

  1. Click '+ New Entry' above the Attendance - Editable table.

  2. Add the 5-digit class ID, student ID number, teacher ID number and enter '1' and '0' in the last two columns. Then click 'OK

    (The '1' in 'Registered' means the student is reserved into the class. The '0' shows they have not yet attended it)

The student is now successfully booked into the class.