Manually Add a new 1on1 Class

1. Head to the Shiftplanning schedule (

2. Find the day on the teacher's schedule and hover over the blank area above or below their shift and a little "+" will appear. Click again to bring up the  "Create Shift" dialogue. 

3. In the dropdown box find "1603-1on1-45-RSVD-P4" and select it.

(For reference, this code means it's a voluntary, reserved 45-minute 1on1 class, costing the student 4 points).

5. Then adjust the time so the time to match the teacher's request. Then, press the "create shift" button.

6. You can also use the "create from template" option, but that won't always have the time you want.

7. Once the shift has been created on Shiftplanning go to the "add new" page on the website ( - make sure you are logged is as Oncall.

8. Input the details of the class time, date, teacher into the relevant boxes.

9. Go to the teacher's dashboard ( to double check the class has been created properly. If it's more than 2 weeks into the future, head to "View all" ( and search for it by date.

10. If the teacher wants a shift to recur regularly, ask them to get in touch with Ben or the current Teacher Manager. You could also pass the message on to ensure the message gets through.