Set up Oncall Report

1. Open OneNote - I recommend that you use the windows 10 version

2. Make sure you are in the ZEnglish Notebook

3. In the sidebar, find the "Z-Oncall" section and select "Oncall Reports"

4. Find the correct year and month, right click in the name of the month and select "New Page Below" or click on the month and press "Ctrl+N". This will create a report from the template.

5. Click on the newly created report in the list and rename it with the "YYYY-MM-DD" format

6. Then tick your name at the top:

7. Enter you name below the info after the word "evening":

8. If a teacher has an empty class, or does content work for a 1on1 reservation who didn't show, write the details into the report. If there are any problems reported by teachers of any kind, detail them in the report. It's best to look at past reports to see how this is done - as the situation can be very different at different times.

9. At the end of the shift, you will enter the daily class numbers table to the bottom of the report.