Daily Class Numbers

1. Head to the teacher's dashboard (https://zenglish.jp/teachers-dashboard/)

2. Click on the "Today's Lesson List" tab

3. Filter using from yesterday's date until todays (JST) press the "filter" button.

4. Wait for the page to reload, then click on the "Today's Lesson List" tab and click "Copy"

5. Open the Daily Class numbers Google sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZotaqCWvlkvNaNTeeMu-iQigN2wq8zikUkcxq-e2zsc/edit#gid=0)

6. Make sure you are on the "Original" Sheet

7. Highlight and delete the contents of all the rows --Do not remove the rows or delete the rows themselves as this can cause errors. The safest bet is to use the delete key.

8. Click in cell A1 and paste in the details you copied from Today's lesson list:

9. Then, delete everything from the previous day except the midnight classes and delete the midnight classes from today -- see the picture below for an example of which classes to delete. Again, make sure to just press the delete key and don't remove rows.

(We do this because yesterday's midnight classes belong with today's evening classes, but today's midnight classes haven't started yet, so we don't include them until tomorrow)

10. Then, cut and paste the cells up to remove the gap. (Highlight the cells at the bottom, press Ctrl+X, then click below the classes at the top and press Ctrl+V). It should look like the below example with yesterday's midnight classes at the top, followed by today's classes:

11. Then head to the "Final" sheet, select all the rows and copy all the rows. If there are any errors on the colourised table or there is "N/A" instead of an email address let Ben or Tom know immediately. It means the user details need to be updated.

12. Paste the contents of the Final tab into today's oncall report. 

13. If there are any "1on1 student" noshows or major problems. Highlight that row and change it to red. See below for example: