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For all shifts at Lyngo & ZEnglish you will be paid through PayPal, once a month in Japanese Yen.

Payment Dates

Teachers are paid once a month, usually on the final day of the month. If that falls on a weekend or Japanese National holiday, the payment will come through on the next available work day.

Payment Rates

At ZEnglish, you are paid for a 45-minute  or 25-minute shift. Each shift is paid at a different rate depending on the type of shift. All rates are in Japanese Yen (¥).

*You must complete comments for Group Classes to receive payment.

**You must complete comments and video feedback for 1on1 classes to receive payment.

Receiving A Payment

To receive payments from Lyngo, you must sign up for PayPal and give us your details. Click here to go to the PayPal website.

Our accounts team will email you and you will receive a payment through PayPal. They should send you an email to say it's come through. Please accept the payment and PayPal will change it to your local currency. 

You can find all payslips in ShiftPlanning.

Be aware, PayPal charges a small fee on all payments. Please factor that into your financial calculations. The size of the fee is different depending on your country, but it's usually a few percent. Check out PayPal's fees page here for more details.


Income Tax: Lyngo is registered only in Japan, and reports all payments to employees and independent contractors to Japan's Tax Office. No reports are filed in any other country.
Withholdings: For Residents of Japan - Lyngo is required to withhold 10.21% and pay this to Japan's Tax Office. For non-residents of Japan - Lyngo is not required to withhold any portion of payment.
Report of Earnings: Lyngo's bi-weekly Payslips show earnings for the current period and total earnings for the year.  Teachers use their final Payslip to report earnings to tax authorities in their country.

For more details read our Terms & Conditions. For any questions regarding payments contact

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