Process ASP videos

ASP = After School Program. This is almost exactly the same as processing 1on1 Videos, with some minor differences. Follow the same procedure as for 1on1 videos ( but with these alterations.

1. Head to the ASP flipgrid:

2. Each ASP has a different type and has a different set of videos associated with it.

3. At the moment, we have 3 ASP classes on a monday, the videos are processed for them on Tuesdays. You can see them on the oncall report in purple: 

4. The ASP 1on1 classes have a section called "ASP-Saki" as Saki is the name of the student who has 1on1 ASP classes. So for that student, you enter that section and get the Share URL for the latest video, exactly the same procedure as for 1on1 classes.

  1. Scroll down to find the "date-time-student-teacher" tag and make a note of it. It will help you find the right class.
  2. Then click on the three dots on the right and select "Share Video". Copy the Share URL
  3. In a text file, paste the URL into this HTML code:

<a href="THECOPIEDLINKURL" target="_blank">TV Comment</a><p />

  1. Use the 'Switch User' option at the top of the ZEnglish site. Type in the name of the teacher who taught the class and press enter
  2. Click on the teacher's name to log into the ZE site as them. Go to 'Staff' and then 'Lesson Comments' on the ZE site.
  3. Navigate to the relevant class, and click 'edit', then paste the HTML code (from above) into the start of the teacher's comment to the student.
  4. Once you have clicked 'Comment' to save your edit, click on the link to make sure you have linked to the correct video
  5. Mark it off with an "x" in the video box, just as you would for 1on1 Videos.

Notes on ASP classes

  • Most ASP group classes are taught by Dave on Mondays
  • ASP 1on1 classes are treated exactly the same. They're usually Dave/Saki on Monday, Gary/Shota.N or Kimbra/Shota.N on Monday, and Ben/Plagg on Saturdays

ASPJ classes are treated differently to ASP classes. They're group classes taught by Kimbra, DJ and Juanita, and Ben currently handles those. (For reference, with those we download the recording of the video from and then upload it to the ZE Vimeo account. A how-to will be added here in the fullness of time)