1on1 Voluntary Classes

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1on1 classes are much more flexible than group classes and are scheduled as the teacher wishes. This type of 1on1 class is called a 1on1 45 voluntary class — for details on 1on1 classes requested by students see the section on 1on1 Requested. 1on1 Voluntary classes are a great way to advertise yourself on the schedule.

Some Voluntary classes are 45 minutes and some are 25 minutes.

To create a 1on1 schedule for yourself click here and download the pdf. Mark 'X' at the times you'd like to schedule yourself for a 45-minute 1on1 Voluntary Class. Mark '25' at the times you'd like to schedule yourself for two 25-minute 1on1 Voluntary Classes.

X = a 45-minute 1on1. 25 = two 25-minute 1on1s.

To change the schedule, simply message Oncall with the changes or email us a newly filled out version of the schedule. All changes will come into effect when the next schedule is published (usually in three weeks), but if you need an urgent change, we might be able to accommodate you.

1on1 voluntary classes will appear on the schedule, just like with group classes.

An example of a 25-minute class (in red) and a 45-minute class (in golden yellow)

If you click on the class, you will see a little pop up. Scroll down do see if a student has registered:

If no-one has registered, it will look like this:

If no-one has booked your class by the class start time at the top of the hour (:00) (or, for some 25-minute classes, (:30), you are welcome to close the room and leave (as you will not be paid). Students, however, may attempt to enter until 10 past the hour, so some teachers elect to remain until then just in case they get a student.

24hrs after completing a class, your 1on1 voluntary class will be marked as "paid" on Shiftplanning.

If a 1on1 is un-booked, you may contact OnCall to have it deleted. Be aware that we cannot always respond immediately as we live in different time zones, but we will delete it as soon as possible.

Enjoy teaching 1on1s!

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