Each Oncall shift is in the evening between the hours of 19:30 and 00:00. Click on each of the stages below to get more detail:


  1. At 19:30, Launch OneNote, Set up the Oncall report from template
  2. Log into oncall slack, respond to any messages and handle issues - Slack log in details are on the Oncall report.
  3. Open oncall email account, respond to any emails, and handle issues
  4. Log into Oncall Zoom (details are on Oncall report) Then open Zoom Live Meetings Page to monitor classes
  5. Log into Shiftplanning/Humanity 

During Shift

Work through checklist. See below for how each checklist looks, tick off each task as you complete it.

For details on how to handle each task, click the links below:

After 23.00

Other useful tools

The Class Records Table is extremely useful if you need to book a student into/out of a class, or if a class isn't showing up on a teacher's comment page.